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Starting a New Clan in CthulhuMud

Requirements and costs

Requirements to start a new clan

What you start out with

There are of course a lot of upgrade options for a price! Check out the 'Upgrade Price Sheet'.

NOTICE!! - At the moment we are not accepting new clans. As more people visit the mud, more clan ideas will be considered. There is a waiting list, so please ask an Immortal if you are interested.

Getting help

There will always be a friendly Immortal who can help you with your clan ideas, upgrades, or questions, but gods are not allowed to directly help a clan, unless they are its patron god, and even then this is very limited!

Getting a patron god

To get a Patron God, clans must have at least 5 active members and perform a quest/ritual according to the God's wishes. You'll need to obtain an idol of your God too, before you should dare to ask for such a thing. Don't even think that might be an easy task. And even then the God's help is limited to the support you give him with your sacrifices. (You may wish to check OOC with the deity to be sure they are willing to help - building a quest for a clan can be difficult if they don't have the time for it.)