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Playable Races in CthulhuMud

Deep OnesDeep Ones

Many eons ago, the Great Race held the world and required human slaves that could work beneath the waves. With elements of frog, shark and anonemie they fashion the Deep Ones, humanoid creatures adapted to living and working in the depths of the ocean. In the years since the Great Race left they have evolved their own culture and raised their own deities - Father Dagon and Mother Hydra. A few humans have established contact with these distant kin and participate in their blood thirsty rituals. A few tales of cross breeds have also surfaced.


Descended from apes, this race foolishly thinks it is the rightful owner of the planet is calls Earth. It's even proud of the miniscule advances it has made in its technology. (Recommended for players brand new to the mud or to mudding.)


The Mi-Go, also known as the Fungi from Yoggoth, are an interstellar species. They travel the universe seeking rare and precious minerals that they can mine and ship back to Yoggoth. Their largest base in our system is on Pluto, although they seem to have an outpost or two on earth as well. They are great engineers and scientists and have perfected many medial procedures. There are reports of them shipping living human brains back to Pluto, presumable to work as slaves in their mines.


The great race of Yith might be the oldest inhabitants of Earth. Maybe even before the Old Ones settled here. They are the original creators of the shoggoths before they've developed an own consciousness and revolted against their masters. They are said to be time travelers and during their high time, they've abducted victims from all eras and places. They've even predicted their own extinction and most could find new vessels for their mind somewhere in outer space and far future.

The Yithians are extremely hard to play. The constant switching of vessel is complicated and their own bodies are a lot weaker than other races. They don't get skills by leveling but have to adapt them from their abducted vessels. Don't play this race if you haven't played here before! Don't say you weren't warned


Zoogs are native inhabitants of the dreamlands, small blue humanoids with mouths full of sharp teeth. They are renown for their boisterous behavior and sometimes cruel practical jokes. There are legends that bad children who die in the sleep become zoogs. The zoogs certainly do a good job of racing around as hyper active little brats.