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Current Societies in CthulhuMud

Background information, and leaders

CLAN UPDATES: The restart fee for inactive clans will be waived for past leaders of those clans. To qualify, you must be known to have been the past leader of the clan you wish to restart. Standard restart fees and requirements will apply to those who wish to take over and revive an inactive clan of which they were not originally a member. These requirements are the same as the requirements for starting a new clan. Most importantly, you must provide a clear RP vision and plan for the clan that is related in some way to the clan's original concept.

Requests to revive an inactive clan and/or to start a new clan should be submitted to the Immortal staff through the in-game board system or through direct email to the administrators (cthulhumud@foxpaws.net). Be sure to include the name of the clan you wish to revive/create, the names of your character and the characters of your co-founders, and the RP plan and/or concept of the clan. The clans listed on this page are only the public clans in the game, and there are dozens of smaller, secret clans available to players. So, if you wish to create a new clan, please base it on an original idea that is not already available in the game.

Arkham Masonic Lodge

The Arkham Masonic Lodge is a society mainly interested in the exploration of secrets. We explore all aspects of society with an open mind and interest. Those secrets may be shared for a price. The quest to join is as follows: provide to the leadership a detailed map of an area we do not have mapped, or an equivalent collection of information about some aspect of the world.
Leaders: Currently Inactive

Cabel Du Quixotic

In every race there are a select few who no matter how hard they try cannot defeat the urge to explore and seek their fortune in distant lands and at strange ports across this world. This fairly odd group of stalwart adventurers has been drawn together from sharing tales of their travels and discussing rumors of mysterious secrets lost in time. Always happy to help each other out and more than willing to assist the young of this plane that are searching for a particular item or even something that cannot be bought like enlightenment.
Leaders: Raymond

Esoteric Order of Dagon

The Esoteric Order of Dagon, a mysterious following centered in the decaying port city of Innsmouth. Originally imported by the trading ships of Obed Marsh, strange rumors abound about its true nature. Strange rumors involving the inbreeding between the cult members and a demonic race of aquatic creatures called the Deep Ones. Rumors of blasphemous rituals by members of the cult seen swimming late at night to Devil reef off of Innsmouth, and strange inhuman shapes seen participating with them.... The origin of their name, and its connection to the ancient God of the ocean, Dagon, worshiped by the biblical Philistines can only be speculated upon... But they are wholly evil in nature and wait for their part when Great Cthulhu rises again and the dark spawn of the sea rise from Y'ha-nethlei to reclaim the world....
Leaders: Aleister

Renders of the Veil

There are too many things hidden, too many charlatans and frauds, too many secret predators who lie in wait for the unwary. People should be free and safe to live their lives, as they want to. All forms of entrapment and deception must be fought, from the dark gods and evil humans who plot to control us all to the holier than thou moralists who would have everyone live a life of divine contemplation. The future is yours, make the best of it that you can.
Leaders: Aemilia

Ulthar Arcanuum

The goals of the Arcanuum are that of the acquisition and retention of magical knowledge and experimentation in the Dreamlands. They are a group bent towards uniting the various types of magical energies that constantly flow in wane and flux from the Earth dimension. Those that have been awakened to the true magic are welcome to join the clan once they have chosen a profession akin to our beliefs.
Leaders: Currently Inactive

Warriors of Light

Since the creation these Holy warriors have worked to keep the forces of evil at bay. Following Marduk's example in slaying Tiamat, they work toward the day when Great Cthulhu shall rise from his slumber so they can destroy him, and end his evil influence. You can identify these virtuous people by the sigil of Marduk they wear as over their hearts as a sign.
Leaders: Tao