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Society Policy
How Immortals interact with societies

Many Immortals come originally from player stock. As such they have certain connections amongst the mud societies. These connections are obvious, but do not have to be severed when you become an immortal, any more than you have to give up your immortal character.

There are just a few things to keep in mind as you play. Your immortal is not there for your society. Even in the case where your society meets the archetype of your immortal, the society needs to go to the effort of obtaining you as a deity, including the idol and quest that you built. Roleplay should be a very large part of this.

Even after gaining you as a patron deity, their special place in your heart (black lump, orifice, sticky psuedopod as applies) does not outrank your duties as an imm. Keep in mind the ethics of handling a mortal and immortal character at the same time as you work with them. In the course of deciding things on an immortal level, their ease should not fall into account. For favoring them in character, giving them RP treats and the immortal contests... that's when it applies.