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Substitution Parameters

Substitution paramters enable details from events to be embeded into commands that a mob scehdules for execution. This allows mobs to tailor their reaction to accomodate the mob that caused it.

Available Parameters

Substitution Parameters are available for all parts of an event, although the paramteres available depend upon the nature of the item being referenced.

The basic form of a substitution parameter is:


Where x determines the item being referenced and y determines the attribute of it being referenced.

The following items can be referenced:

        x  Meaning
        -  ----------------
        g  global
        d  random descriptive
        f  fixed descriptive
        a  actor
        v  victim
        o  observer
        p  primary object
        s  secondary object
        t  text
        n  number  
        r  room

The attributes that can be referenced depend upon the nature of the item:

  y  Character    Object     Text    Number   Room    Global    Desc     FDesc
  - -----------   ---------- ----    ------   -----   -------   ------   ------
  0  a/an         a/an       text    number   vnum    Mud Name  common   size
  1  name         name       garbled          name    Mud URL   human    nature
  2  short desc   short desc                          Mud IP    monster
  3  his/her/its        
  4  him/her/it
  5  he/she/it
  6  man/woman/thing
  7  Sir/Lady/Thing
  8  Lad/Lass/Thingy
  9  Sir/Madam/Thing
  p  PERSona string
  r  vnum of room
  d  vnum of dreaming from room
  t  true name
  l  level        level
  h                                                             Helpers Online

                            If you want an @ sign, use @@. 

True Names

A true name is a unique name for a mob within the current mud. The true name is comprised of a constant (@M or @P) followed by the hex address of the mobs storage location in memory. The main use of true names is to ensure that commands always refer to the correct mob. Consider a case where a room has two mobs called 'guard' in it. Any command issued simply against 'guard' will always affect the first mob, even if the seond one was the intended target. By using the true name to refer to the target mob, you can guarentee that the right mob will always be found.