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Resets are required if your area is to restore itself after players have come through, slaughtered all the poor mobiles and hauled off every object not nailed down. A series of resets lets the area re-load the mobiles and objects you want in it every time the area "resets" itself. The frequency of this action depends on whether there are players present in the area. Areas reset much faster without players present, as presumably the players will leave an area once they cleaned it out. The delayed reset while players are present is to prevent them from becoming overwhelmed by a continually regenerating army of mobiles. Note: If you want an ever regenering horde of mobiles, simply add MOBprograms that load up copies of the mobs each time they die. Otherwise you will have to be satisfied that your mobiles and objects will only be present once for each reset defined until the area resets itself.

Order of Resets

The order of your resets must follow a logical progression, especially if you plan on equiping mobiles with items or having containers reset with items inside them. Object resets intended for a mobile to wear or carry need to be set directly after the reset for the mobile. The same applies for objects reseting inside container objects. First define the reset for the container object in the room or on a mob (with the mobile reset defined first). Then define the resets for the objects to be placed inside the container object. To view the current order of resets in a room, simply use the RESETS command.

Mobile Resets


[MAX #] is the maximum number of mobiles allowed and will default to 1 if no value is specified. This regulator works, even if mobs wander off.

Object Resets


[MAX] should be set to 1 unless the mobile will carry two of the same item (it wears two rings for example, but each ring will require a separate reset).
[LOCATION ON BODY] loads the object with the mobile wearing the item in that equipment slot. None loads the object in the mobile's inventory. The list of locations:

none light lfinger rfinger
neck1 neck2 body head
legs feet hands arms
shield about waist lwrist
rwrist wiended hold pride
ears float face eyes
back tattoo    

Shop Resets

Items to be sold in shops are added to the shopkeeper flagged mobile with resets in the same way regular mobiles are equipped. You must specify the location as None. The maximum number may be disregarded as the reset strips this value on a shopkeeper mobile. Note, however, that a shopkeeper does not need to have shop types defined to sell items--they are only required if the shopkeeper is intended to buy specific types of items. Selling items merely requires that all the objects to be sold are defined with resets in the shopkeeper's inventory.

Deleting Resets


Nothing more to it. These are all the commands you will require to succesfully establish resets within your area.