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Monitoring is the ability for a mob in one room to observe all events of a certain type that occur within another room. A mob may monitor multiple rooms.

This gives you the ability to, effectively, create room progs, where performing a certain action in an otherwise empty room will cause something to happen. The 'animation' here is being provided by the off screen mob who is monitoring the room where the action occurs. Such mobs may often be called Maxwell.

Establishing Monitors

Monitors are a part of a mobs definition and are added through the OLC Monitor command.
When a mob is created its monitors are established, when it is destroyed its monitors are removed.

Global Monitors

There is a room, monitoring everything that happens in the mud. By default room 20 is used for this purpose. Always be careful, placing mobs there or modifying triggers on them.

Establishing Anchors

s well as mobs can monitor rooms, objects can do the same. But since they have no use for the events (remember, no triggers!) all they can do is distribute the event to ehere they are, availiable to everyone in room. Still working with anchors is rather flexible: You can anchor the obj to a room, to a mob or another object.