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  1. SENTINEL: The mob is stationary. It doesn't do random movement even though it might be moved by progs.

  2. SCAVENGER: The mob collects stuff it finds lying on the floor - mean in conjuncion with disarm.

  3. NIGHT_ACTIVE: The mob disappears during daytime.

  4. AGGRESSIVE: The wob will attack everyone who's not very superior in level.

  5. STAY-AREA: The mob will not leave its area.

  6. STAY-SUBAREA: The mob will not leave its subarea.

  7. WIMPY: The mob will flee if seriously hurt.

  8. PET: The mob can be used as bought pet.

  9. PRACTICE: You can practice here.

  10. VAMPIRE: Enables vampire commands.

  11. WERE: Enables were commands.

  12. BOUND: Temporary flag for bondage - DO NOT SET!

  13. MOUNT: Can be ridden - if it's charmed or a pet.

  14. UNDEAD: Undead offensive set.

  15. CLERIC: Cleric offensive set.

  16. MAGE: Mage offensive set.

  17. THIEF: Thief offensive set.

  18. WARRIOR: Warrior offensive set.

  19. NOALIGN: Killing this mob will not affect your alignment.

  20. NOPURGE: The mob can't be purged - DO NOT SET if you don't know what you're doing!

  21. DREAM-NATIVE: The mob can't dream but can't as well not be denied.

  22. BRAINSUCKED: Marks a mob as non-food for mi-go. Usually no need to set on average mobs.

  23. CRIMINAL: This mob can be quested for.

  24. ALIENIST: Here you get a therapy.

  25. HEALER: Here you get healing.

  26. TELEPOP: The mob teleports on repop - ASK before you set it.

  27. UPDATE-ALWAYS: Changes will immediately update to the mob. Usually no need to set on average mobs.

  28. RANDOM-KIT: The mob is sometimes outfitted with random pieces of equipment. Only give this to average human citicens - preferably dreamlands.

  29. AUTO-HOME: The mob returns to his repop place on tick.

  30. INVADER: The mob attacks players as well as other mobs.

  31. WATCHER: Invisible to every mortal - needed to handle some progs.

  32. PROTECTED: This mob is protected - killing it will give you a criminal flag and/or a bounty.

  33. MARTIAL: This mob only appears under Martial Law conditions and has its very own guard style.


  1. BLIND: The victim can't see and is utterly helpless. DO NOT use it as permanent affect.

  2. INVISIBLE: The character is invisible.

  3. DETECT-EVIL: The character detects alignment based aurae.

  4. DETECT-INVIS: The character detects invisible stuff.

  5. DETECT-MAGIC: The character detects magic objects.

  6. DETECT-HIDDEN: The character detects hidden/sneaking characters and concealed objects.

  7. MIND-MELD: Intelligence isreduced, spell casting is very limited.

  8. SANCTUARY: Protective aura - damage is reduced.

  9. FAERIE-FIRE: The character is easy to hit.

  10. INFRARED: A limited version of DARK-VISION.

  11. CURSE: The character is cursed.

  12. FEAR: The character is frightened and unable to attack.

  13. POISON: the character is poisoned. If you want to create a poisonous character, use the SPEC.

  14. PROTECT-GOOD: 25% protection against good.

  15. PROTECT-EVIL: 25% protection against evil.

  16. SNEAK: The character is sneaking.

  17. HIDE: The character is hiding.

  18. HASTE: One extra attack in combat.

  19. CALM: Counters berserk but turns characters unable to fight.

  20. SLEEP: The character is put to sleep. DO NOT use it as a permanent affect.

  21. CHARM: The character is charmed. DO NOT use it as permanent affect.

  22. FLYING: The character is flying.

  23. PASS-DOOR: The character can move through closed doors and walls.

  24. PLAGUE: The character is infacted by the plague.

  25. WEAKEN: Strength is reduced.

  26. DARK-VISION: Simulates the effect of a light.

  27. BERSERK: More attack, less defense and unable to flee.

  28. SWIM: Ability to swim.

  29. REGENERATION: Increased regenerative abilities.

  30. ABSORB: Defense against all magical attacks.

  31. WATER-BREATHING: No damage in NO-AIR rooms.

  32. DARKNESS: The character is covered in darkness.

  33. AURA: The character has an aura of his alignment.

  34. HALLUCINATING: The character is hallucinating (annoying!).

  35. RELAXED: The character is protected against most fright checks.

  36. FIRE-SHIELD: The character is protected by an offensive fire shield.

  37. FROST-SHIELD: The character is protected by an offensive frost shield.

  38. SLOWED: Counters HASTE. One Attack less in combat.

  39. GLOBE-OF-PROTECTION: A magical protection. Allows flying underwater.

  40. INCARNATED: Makes immortals vulnerable. Use with caution.

  41. MIST: Mistform. Use with caution.

  42. ELDER-SHIELD:  Strongest protection. DO NOT use it as permanent affect.

  43. MASK: Masks a character similar to the mask self spell.




  3. SMART: +INT

  4. DUMB: -INT

  5. AGILE: +DEX


  7. SLY: +WIS



  10. SICKLY: -CON

  11. STURDY: +HP

  12. FRAGILE: -HP





  17. ARMOURED: better AC

  18. EXPOSED: worse AC

  19. MONSTEROUS: bonus combo


  1. AREA-ATTACK: The mob attacks everyone in the room with one hit.

  2. BACKSTAB: The mob tries to initiate combat with a backstab (skill needed!).

  3. BASH: The mob uses Bash command.

  4. BERSERK: The mob uses Berserk command.

  5. DISARM: The mob uses Disarm command. Interesting in combination with ACT_SCAVENGER.

  6. DODGE: The mob can dodge.

  7. FADE: The mob can evade attacks by fading away. Part of the UNDEAD package.

  8. FAST: One extra attack. Be careful with fast newbie mobs.

  9. KICK: The mob uses Kick command.

  10. KICK-DIRT: The mob uses Kick Dirt command.

  11. PARRY: The mob can parry.

  12. RESCUE: This rarely makes sense. The mob can act as bodyguard and attract your attacks.

  13. TAIL: Tail attack. The mob needs a long tail. Additionally the mob can be poisonois.

  14. TRIP: The mob uses Trip command.

  15. CRUSH: The mob uses Crush command.

  16. ASSIST-ALL: The mob assists all mobs against players.

  17. ASSIST-ALIGN: The mob assists everyone of its align type.

  18. ASSIST-RACE: The mob assists all members of its race.

  19. ASSIST-PLAYER: The mob assists players. That can be so annoying - perfect kill stealing.

  20. ASSIST-GUARD: The typical guard/police behavior including stun attacks and looking for a jail.

  21. ASSIST-VNUM: The mob assists mobs of its own type.

  22. STUN: This mob prefers stun attacks.

  23. DISTRACT: This mob uses the distract command, leaving you defensless against all other attackers.


  1. GLOW: Well, it glows - used to show players without detect-magic, this object is special.

  2. HUM: Well, it hums - used to show players without detect-magic, this object is special.

  3. DARK: This thing is hard to find in the dark.

  4. NEUTRAL: This balances your align toward neutrality.

  5. EVIL: This balances your align towards evil.

  6. BLESS: This balances your align towards good.

  7. INVIS: This object is invisible.

  8. CONCEALED: This object is hidden until someone takes it.

  9. MAGIC: This object has a magic aura and is a bit more resistant towards some spells. Other spells need magic objects.

  10. NODROP: You can't drop it... CURSED.

  11. NOREMOVE: You can't remove it... CURSED.

  12. ANTI-GOOD: Good characters can't use it.

  13. ANTI-NEUTRAL: Neutral characters can't use it.

  14. ANTI-EVIL: Evil characters can't use it.

  15. INVENTORY: Unlimited item - like stuff, a shopkeeper sells - be careful with this flag.

  16. NOPURGE: This object can't be purged - DO NOT SET if you don't know what you're doing!

  17. ROT-AFTER-DEATH: You death causes the objects decay timer to start, if you carry it.

  18. VIS-AFTER-DEATH: Your death makes it bekom visible, if you carry it. Only makes sense if it's invis.

  19. NO_SAC: The object can't be sacrificed. Makes sense with almost all notake objects.

  20. NO_COND: Object can't be damaged.

  21. SCENIC: The object does not show up as object - do not forget to mention it in your room description. Scenics can never be taken.

  22. NODISARM: Does only make sense on a weapon - it can't be disarmed.

  23. USABLE: This object is allowed to trigger a use event. After triggering it - it is destroyed.

  24. USABLE_INFINITE: This object is allowed to trigger a use event.

  25. HYPERTECH: It's only usable by migo and extremely intelligent others.


  27. MELT-DROP: Dropping this object will destroy it.

  28. NO-LOCATE: This object can't be located.

  29. SELL-EXTRACT: This object is destroyed when sold - similar to TRASH objects.

  30. NO-UNCURSE: Remove curse will not work on this object - be careful. That can ve extremely mean.

  31. BURN-PROOF: The object will resist elementar damage.

  32. ARTIFACT: This enables the artifact set of variables.

  33. VANISH: This object vanishes for good, when carried out of its home area.


  1. DARK: The room is dark - you need a light of some sort.

  2. DUMP: Everything dropped here will decay shortly after.

  3. NO_MOB: Mobs don't wander in by random movement, but they can reset here or move in when following or progged.

  4. INSIDE: No weather effect, protection against flying TELEHUNTERS.

  5. PRIVATE: Room is being saved like morgue rooms.

  6. SAFE: This is a protected room - no offensive actions can happen here.

  7. PET_SHOP: Used to mark the pet storage of a Pet Shop.

  8. NO_RECALL: You can't recall from here, you can't portal, gate (,...) to here.

  9. SOLITARY: Only 1 player can be in here at the same time.

  10. IMP_ONLY: Only imms of the IMP rank can enter.

  11. GODS_ONLY: Only imms can enter.

  12. HEROES_ONLY: Only heroes or imms can enter.

  13. NEWBIE_ONLY: Only newbies, imms or helpers can enter.

  14. LAW: Some basic stuff like charming is forbidden here - good for central areas without aggros.

  15. FASTHEAL: Double regeneration - but you can do that as well with the regeneration variables.

  16. RENT: This room can be leased. Do not forget to set the rent cost.

  17. AUCTION: This marks an auction hall - ASK before you set it.

  18. BOUNTY_OFFICE: This marks a bounty office - ASK before you set it.

  19. PKILL: Marks a free PK room - meaningless in full PK mode.

  20. MISTY: Disables scanning in this room.

  21. ECHO: Enables rooom-to-room WEV echoes.

  22. BUILDING_PATTERN: Marks this room as building pattern - NEVER EVER SET WITHOUT ASKING!

  23. VEHICLE: This is used to dynamically mark a vehicles interior - NEVER EVER SET WITHOUT ASKING!

  24. GAS: Gas Station, where you can refuel your vehicles.

  25. DREAM_SAFE: Dreaming here will never result in a nightmare.

  26. NO_DREAM: Dreaming is disabled here.

  27. NO_FLEE: You can't flee from this room.

  28. TREE: Marks that a tree is here - NO NEED TO SET THAT MANUALLY.

  29. ALWAYS_RESET: The room will reset on TICK, no matter if there is a player in it or not. Good in crowded newbie areas without many aggros.

  30. NOMAGIC: No magic is possible here. Roomwide version of the NOMAGIC area flag.


  1. HOLY_GROUND: Holy damage to evil characters.

  2. EVIL_GROUND: Negative damage to good characters.

  3. SILENCE: IC communications & verbal spells disabled.

  4. DARKNESS: Light effects disabled.

  5. WILD-MAGIC: Spells are being randomized within their own target type.

  6. LOW-MAGIC: Magic is less effective here.

  7. HIGH-MAGIC: Magic is more effective here.

  8. NO_BREATHE: Causes damage.

  9. DRAIN: Causes damage.

  10. MARE: You can only have nightmares here.

  11. ENCLOSED: There is no way to enter or exit this room - usually only used as TEMPORARY spell affect.

  12. NO_MORGUE: If you die here, your corpse stays here.

  13. FATIGUE: Causes stun damage.

  14. DESTRUCTIVE: Destroys your equipment.


  1. DOOR: There is a door => Closeable.

  2. CLOSED: (Needs DOOR!) The door is closed by default.

  3. LOCKED: (Needs DOOR, CLOSED!) The door is locked by default.

  4. PICKPROOF: (Needs DOOR, CLOSED, LOCKED!) You can't pick the lock on that door.

  5. HIDDEN: (Needs DOOR, CLOSED!) The door is hidden - you need to search.

  6. NO_PASS: (Needs DOOR, CLOSED!) Pass Door spell won't help you getting through.

  7. ECHO_ALL: All kinds of WEVs will be transmitted through the exit.

  8. ECHO_SOUND: Only audible WEVs will be transmitted.

  9. ECHO_VISION: Only visible WEVs will be transmitted.

  10. ROBUST: (Needs DOOR!) The door is hard to smash.

  11. ARMOURED: (Needs DOOR!) The door is harder to smash.

  12. WALL: (Needs DOOR, CLOSED!) The door is actually a wall, you can destroy (smash, explosives,...)

  13. CREAKY: (Needs DOOR!) The door emits a sound when opened/closed. You can trigger on that event.

  14. TRICKY: (Needs DOOR, CLOSED, LOCKED!) You can pick that lock, but it's hard.


  1. BREATH_ANY: Randomly selected breath attack.

  2. BREATH _ACID: Acid breath attack.

  3. BREATH_FIRE: Fire breath attack.

  4. BREATH_FROST: Frost breath attack.

  5. BREATH_GAS: Poison breath attack.

  6. BREATH_LIGHTNING: Lightning breath attack.

  7. CAST_ADEPT: Uses 'mob adept' spell list. Does Spellups to newbies.

  8. CAST_CLERIC: Uses 'mob cleric' spell list.

  9. CAST_MAGE: Uses 'mob mage' spell list.

  10. CAST_UNDEAD: Uses 'mob undead' spell list.

  11. CAST_JUDGE: This is ROM compatibility. DO NOT SET.

  12. CAST_NATURE: Uses 'mob nature' spell list.

  13. CAST_POWER: Uses 'mob power' spell list.

  14. GUARD: Attacks criminals.

  15. EXECUTIONER: Mainly the same as guard but summons some other guards too.

  16. FIDO: Devours corpses.

  17. JANITOR: Collects worthless objects.

  18. MAYOR: This is ROM compatibility. DO NOT SET.

  19. POISON: The mob can poison you.

  20. PLAGUE: The mob can plague you.

  21. THIEF: The mob attempts to steal from you.

  22. NASTY: A nasty mixture of attacking, stealing and running.

  23. PUFF: This is ROM compatibility. DO NOT SET.

  24. CLANGUARD: The mob attacks non-clannies. Add _soc_<num> to the name.

  25. HOMEGUARD: The mob attacks everyone but the owner. Add _plr:<name> to the name.

  26. PLAYERSHOP: Owned shopkeeper. Add _plr:<name> to the name.

  27. MINER: Owned Miner. Add _plr:<name> to the name.

  28. TRANSLATOR: The mob can translate books.

  29. MECHANIC: The mob can repair vehicles.

  30. HUNTER: Basic mob memory. The mob remembers who attacked it.

  31. TRACKER: A hunter who tracks his enemy.

  32. TELETRACKER: The mob tracks his enemy by teleporting but does not attack

  33. TELEHUNTER: The mob tracks his enemy by teleporting and attacks at sight.

  34. HOUND: A modified telehunter. ASK before you set.

  35. ARTIFACTTRACKER: A teletracker with a special affinity to artifacts. ASK before you set.

  36. ARTIFACTHUNTER: A telehunter with a special affinity to artifacts. ASK before you set.

  37. PATROLMAN: Stops fighting. ROM compatibility but can come handy.

  38. TROLL_MEMBER: ROM compatibility. Basic gang set.

  39. OGRE_MEMBER: ROM compatibility. Basic gang set.

  40. SOCIAL: Those mobs tend to group with other mobs of their kind.