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Implementers: Bast, Foxbird, Nyarlathotep, Shub-Niggurath, Tsathoggua
Greators: Cthugha, Tiamat
Gods: Lilith, Thanatos
Creators: Nephthys, Ithaqua


The cat goddess is a kind but fickle goddess, much like her own feline children. Showing preferential treatment to her Children, and a marked preference for those that follow the feline ideals of grace, elegance, independence and spirit - she can be a very mothering and interfering goddess. Those most favored in her eyes are those with the wits and intelligence to recall that the way of the cat is one one of a hunter and stalker of the night. Those seeking her favor are most served by greeting her with a head held high. (Or tail held high as it may be.)

Her ancient stronghold was that of the mundane world's Egypt, but the events of history have vastly reduced her influence and interest in this area. Instead her strongest influence now resides in the world of dreams in the city of Ulthar. Cats in Ulthar are granted their rightful due in this city and experience a great number of protections there. Her main temple is also in this city, and it is the center of most of her actions. Those that harm a cat in her strongest stronghold will often suffer for the crime until they successfully soothe her. In the mundane world her attention most recently has come to rest in the New World in the vibrant city of New Orleans. The Big Easy and its relaxed way of life suit her temperament well.


Shub-Niggurath, also known as the Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young, the All Mother, Magna Mater, Mother of Cthulhu and Father of Nug and Yeb, and perhaps is also associated with Gorgo-Mormo the thousand faced moon.

Shub stands for and supports the use and exploitation of base desires, gluttony, hedonism, greed, tyranny, lust, fear, and the lowering of self control.

Shub demands sacrifices in blood, and the exercise and spread by its followers of that which it stands for and revels in. Direct reward for such deeds may be rare, but the deity does spare its followers from its own wanton urges and hungers, while empowering them to spread these to the outside world at large. Those followers directly touched by Shub-Niggurath in such a way are known as the million favored ones, and take upon a metamorphosis of sorts, becoming mingled with various animal attributes and shapes, though no two favored ones are identical in form, as Shub is god of chaos. The cult of this deity may ally itself and work alongside the followers of Yog-Sothoth, Cthulhu (and any other of the spawn of Shub itself), Azathoth, Nyarlathotep, and sometimes Tsathoggua.


Foxbird is our sys-admin. He was also critical to achieving a stable version of Cthulhumud code. While he can answer a few questions, he is more likely to be found being hassled about the mud being down. His current projects include aiding in the revision of a new release of Cthulhumud, which will achieve many of the revisions the current immstaff has suggested.


Nyarlathotep, or the Haunter of the Dark, Bloated Woman, or any of his other thousand forms, is the messenger of the Outer Gods. His worship is widely scattered and varied, usually through one of his other forms.

Tsathoggua - The Star Toad, The Dweller Beyond (and down under)

A being born when the universe was early, he lives in the voids between the worlds, dwelling mainly within the endless darkness in the Gulf of N'Kai on the borders of dreamlands and the waking world. Sometimes he haunts nightmares and dreams, other times he appears in person, inspiring dread and fear in those unfortunate enough to see him.

His motives are unknown to man, but he will on occasion discourse with those who meet him. Others he devours, but a few he talks to. Considered to be one of the more 'human' of the great older ones, he is capable of understanding, to some extent, the nature of humans and their trivial struggles.

While he has never had very many followers, those few he has he encourages to be well organized and to keep friendly relationships with whatever society they may find themselves within. They can often be found in out of the way places, helping those less fortunate than most. Amongst other things, this provides a good pool of people who won't be missed if they are borrowed for the occasional human sacrifice.

While Tsathoggua may sometimes appear an almost benevolent deity, he should not be relied upon. Sometimes he is simply unavailable, other times he will just lose interest and leave you hanging.

The members of this cult worship the distant god known as Tsathoggua.In return for occasional sacrifices and loyalty they sometimes receive guidance, special items and occasionally instructions. Many followers are wizards and priests.


It is said that when Earth's mild gods bargained with Nyarlathotep, Tiamat was among those who resisted the terms of submission to the will of that Herald of the Outer Gods. When Earth's mild gods stood proud and independent, Tiamat was regarded as a fertility goddess and source of life on Earth; after her attempts to resist the gods who accepted Nyarlathotep's offer, Tiamat came to represent conflict, rebellion, and, upon her betrayal and murder at the hands of Marduk, death and unnatural life beyond death.

The cults of Tiamat have, at different times, embraced philosophies of life, immortality, resurrection, fertility, evolution, revolution, conflict, war, and death. Currently, the Church of Tiamat claims that all of humanity have directly descended from Tiamat, and as her children they latently share such divine abilities and powers associated with her as the ability to persist beyond death in an altered state of life, and the power to change form at will in much the same way Tiamat was said to have changed herself into a terrible monster in her fight against Marduk; thus, sects of the Church of Tiamat have been associated with vampire and ghoul cults, and a number of adepts in the mysteries of Tiamat have been attributed with astounding and terrifying powers over their physical forms, while others have demonstrated the ability to profoundly alter the shapes and courses of the Dreamlands.

Aeons of conditioning by agents of the Cult of Marduk have projected upon human memory of Tiamat an aura of menace and evil which many of her worshippers have rejected; among her followers Tiamat has been attributed with a desire to protect and preserve mankind, to strengthen them and open doors to triumph and mastery over those ancient malevolent beings who wait for humanity in the Empty Places among the stars. Tiamat is also said to have a violent hatred of Nyarlathotep, Nyarlathotep's allies and his Outer Gods, and all their sinister designs on Earth and its inhabitants.

Tiamat has been known to appear to mortals at times in dreams or strange half-recognized memories in several shapes and forms; occasionally in the ghostly, spectral, or even corporeal form of a young woman of noble and subtly foreign appearance; it is said that when angered or troubled she has revealed herself as a terrible worm-like monster or dragon; some horrifically ancient texts have described her as a vast comet which speaks from out of Earth's night sky in a multitude of voices, while accounts from dreamers who claim to have explored the waking Solar System in their dreams describe an unnerving living world of ice and protoplasm in the darkness of space where hordes of dimly remembered living things lay in its icy depths in frozen slumber and dream of the many times they have visited the Earth in its dim past bearing the name Tiamat, harvesting what has grown on that world and sowing the primal substance of a new generation of life, dreaming and waiting for the time of their return....




Lilith is a goddess (albeit minor) of Desolation. She is the embodiment of loneliness, emptiness, and wildness of nature; the trappings of civilization do little for her. Thus, she has remained in the desert wasteland to which she was banished millennia ago.

Some say she was Adam's first wife, others call her succubus. None know for sure, and she won't say. She demands no sacrifice, as she expects no worship. In return, she is erratic in her attentions. Any act or sacrifice ('good' and 'evil' mean nothing to her) which jolts her from her empty state merits her notice, and receives it.

Her worshippers can come from any walk of life, any philosophical background; though to worship one such as Lilith, one must be truly empty indeed.

She appears as a tall and intensely beautiful woman; black hair flows down her back like a velvet curtain, and large black leathery wings grace her back. Her eyes are empty, as pure a void as you've ever seen; you can feel her perfect _aloneness_ as you gaze into them.

She usually appears naked, with only a few jewels and other adornments. When she smiles (a rare and fleeting occurrence) you can see the razor-sharp points of fangs.


As the brother of Hypnos, Thanatos is Death. Cultures other than the Greek have had other names for him and have vilified him. They have called him the Grim Reaper, and the one who takes lives without mercy and commonly seen as without reason.

Thanatos keeps a list of all people as well as how they die and when. He never takes a life out of turn, or in the wrong fashion, although he will appear from time to time, making sure his list is right, rarely communicating directly through any means other than nods or shrugs. Since the days of the bubonic plague he has carried a scythe, finding amusement in the concept. If he were to promise something, he would feel obligated to follow through with said promise, but almost never has given his word on anything. Most people feel they'll have more of a chance of getting a brick wall to move by asking it nicely than getting Death to give his word. The cloak he wears is more for his own amusement to the reaction of people when they see him.

For some reason, some of the undead may follow Thanatos. He has pity for the undead, but he will not aid them, as they've denied him once. He may, instead, silently aid hunters of the undead, as eventually their due to him must be paid. Also, people may offer large sacrifices of creatures to him, believing this will convince him to overlook their death for a time. This is not the case, he usually gets annoyed at such offerings as many creatures, human and otherwise have been slaughtered in ignorance and stupidity... nothing can stay death forever. Mercy killings he can understand, as basically that is his business as well and he does sympathize for all creatures and their pain. If someone performs mercy killings in his name, the creature should have been in pain, or welcomed the arrival of death.