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Forging Weapons and Armor

by Aleister

(Things in this color are commands you can type)

First off, you must have the forging skill.

In order to forge something, you need an anvil. One can be created if you know the greater creation spell group. (cast 'greater creation' anvil). If you cannot cast this spell yet, you can always just go to a blacksmith and use his place. Like Maro in Ulthar.

You must also have material that you want to forge something out of. Such as crystal, gold, diamond etc. (there are several types and they have differences, but you can find that out later once you can use the lore command or identify spell on the material). It is good to pick up several pieces of your material just in case you blow some up. It is quite common if you are new to forging and your skills are not that high.

The next step is the actual forging! Hold the material in your hands and use the forge command (example: forge dagger 40 - where dagger is the weapon or armor type, and 40 is the level) .

Here are the weapon and armor types you can use :

Dagger / Sword / Whip / Mace / Flail / Axe / Spear / Polearm / Bow / Armor / Shield / Helmet

If you succeed, you will of created something. So pick it up and look at it! :)

The quality of it depends on your skill and level. You will get better as you progress as with everything.

The forging skill also lets you fix, and refit items. You also need an anvil or forge to do this.

fix dagger - this will attempt to repair your item.
refit dagger - this will attempt to make an item wearable by you (that was too big or too small).

Forge uses 200 move points, refit 100 move points, and fix uses 80 move points.