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Making Your Weapons and Armor Better

by Aleister

(Things in this color are commands you can type)

After you forge, or find a new weapon or piece of armor, there are a few things you can do to make them better.

With weapons, if you have an anvil, and the sharpen skill, you can type sharpen dagger (or whatever yours is called), and attempt to make the weapon sharper, or even create a vorpal (extra sharp) weapon. This only works of course on blade type weapons.

Many items found in the mud are already 'spelled up', but most, including ones you create, are not. The first thing to do is use the enchant armor or enchant weapon spell.

cast 'enchant weapon' dagger

cast 'enchant armor' armor

This will increase the hit and dam ratio of your item as well as allowing it to have other spells cast upon it. You can enchant an item several times, but the more you do it, increases the chances of blowing it up!

If you have the Brand skill, you can type cast brand dagger (only works on weapons), which will attempt to give your weapon an elemental brand (fire, ice, etc.) increasing its damage on certain foes.

If you have the Frenzy skill, you can type cast 'blade of fury' dagger. Blade of fury is a very powerful spell which will make your weapon flaming, greatly increasing its hitting power. This only works on certain weapons.

If you have the Taumathurgy spell group, you can cast a few others :

If you have a shard of mithril (sold by Maro in Ulthar), you can use the permanence spell.

cast permanence dagger

This will make the weapon virtually indestructible.

Certain items in the mud will go away when you die. This can be fixed with the consistence spell. It also requires a shard of mithril.

cast consistence dagger

Lastly, some items only exist in certain areas, and will vanish when you visit distant lands. This can be fixed with the universality spell, which requires some dust which can be found at the Alchemist in Ulthar.

cast universality dagger

Some other good spells include recharge, animate weapon, personalize weapon, etc. You can figure those out as you go, this tutorial is just covering the main spells that are used on items.

Actually anytime you do any of these things, there's a chance you might blow up your item. so be careful! :)

You can find out what spells an item has, or what it needs with the lore command or identify spell, and taking a look at the objects flags. I may have a section on that later.