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So You Want to be a Mage?

Words of wisdom overheard at the Bar in Fitzwilliam Inn, by Benedict Fitzwilliam

So you want to be a mage, huh? Well, I can give you some advice. The first thing you should do is find someone who can teach you about the occult, and teach you basic spell casting. I would suggest going to see Dr. Armitage at Miskatonic University in Arkham, or if you're from a more obscure realm, talk to Atal at the Temple of Bast in Ulthar.

After you have become proficient in occult and spell casting, and possibly are well educated, ask them about magic. They'll probably direct you on a jaunt to visit a local site with a mystical heritage. Look around, paying very careful attention to your surroundings. You might have to do a little examining. After a while, something will awaken within you. Now you are truly on the road to higher magic.

You'll find teachers in many places who can teach you many spells. The foremost of these is probably Atal. You will also be able to learn new spells as you advance in your career in the occult. Some of the spells you will learn require specialized knowledge, called disciplines. These disciplines can range from being very simple to find and learn, to being almost impossible to find and near miraculous to learn. Many of them require that you have previous knowledge of certain subjects, such as Latin, Greek, et cetera.

Some of the disciplines of which I have some small knowledge are as follows: fire, water, air, earth, enchantment, life, necromancy, curses, elder magic, demonology, combat, knowledge, protection, lunar, transdimensional, and power. Please don't ask me where to find them, as it is best if you find them for yourself, or have direct help from a friend or colleague who knows where they are. In the latter case, it is often helpful because some of these disciplines can be dangerous to obtain.

Well, I think that fairly covers the basics of becoming a mage. If you are intelligent enough to be a mage of any worth, you will easily discover anything else you need to know along your path. May your mana never fail, my friend.

- Copyright 2003, Harley Smith Jr.