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Hero Help

Things to keep in mind when you hit Hero level

So, you're a hero now. What does this mean? It means, you're a elder player now. It means you get some respect. It also means we expect a few things out of you. Since you represent the heart and energy of the mud, we want you to be happy, the more communication we have the better. It's always been the personal approach of this mud that has made it pleasant. As we grow, we're finding we really have to make an effort to maintain that. Heros are on the border line between players and imms. We ask you what you want, and we listen to you when you tell us. Younger players, newbies in particular, will look to you for help or guidance. You've just been a player this far, now it's time for you to get in on the action of helping this place run smoothly. After all, in this game it's roughly 5 imms to 50 players. We can't be everywhere, and we can't be on all the time. And half the time, imm ethics say we can't interfere in what's happening to a player. Here's some rules of thumb for you:

1) Newbies are sacred. Period. For purposes of RP consider them the innocents of the world, every God in existence protects them. Don't randomly PK them. Don't throw bombs or lay traps for them. Don't leave poisons out. Don't call lightning in MU, Ulthar Tower, Zoogville or any other heavy newbie area. These are potential players that we'd rather not scare off.

If they are level 10 and under... DON'T TOUCH.

2) We expect you to give help occasionally, but we know that some days you just don't want to, or a newbie has just annoyed you to no end about it. In that case... tell them politely, leave me alone, I'm busy, I don't have the time to help you right now. Don't loose your temper, instead point them in the direction of someone else to ask. If they begin to get truly obnoxious, and you wish some action to be taken, then scribble a note about it on the board (help note - if you haven't discovered how to use this yet.)

And tell the other heros and imms about the guy. That way an imm knows exactly who to give detailed help to when they see them, and other players can point out to the childling what they're doing wrong.

3) Help consists of clues, command help, references to the help webpage, suggestions for clients to use (FC) or other things. You aren't required to give gold, spell-ups or eq. That's your own discretion, and they shouldn't come to expect that of you.

4) If you see a bug in use, you are required to report it. It cheapens your own work and efforts if someone can simply abuse the system and get away with it.

5) Never forget, on the other end of that line of typing is a person, just like you, not a machine there for your personal benefit. The same politeness and kindness you show to anyone else will get you incredible distances here. The imms deserve your respect. Some of us have played and worked with this mud for over three years. We've made it a part of our lives, and we are proud of our work. This game has been hours of effort, for which we rarely (if *ever*) get thanked. The new players deserve your respect as well, they are new, some of them have never mudded before and have no handy guide to help them.

When I first mudded I sat for fifteen minutes in mud school trying to figure out what command to type to start moving, because no one would help me turn on auto exit so I could see the door to the north. Don't forget your own beginnings, because they are in that same boat, and one day they will be heros as well.

6) If you have a problem with anyone or anything on this mud, be upfront about it. Tell us, write a note, tell an imm. Tell *someone*. But try to be diplomatic about it. We can't help you if all you do is rant, but not explain what it is you're ranting about or what it is you would like to see done to fix it.

(She who is tired of seeing things fall down around her ears because of people being twits.)