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First Steps

The first things you should do in CthulhuMud

(Things in this color are commands you can type)

  1. Have a look at RULES
  2. Set your AUTO-Settings (AUTO)
  3. Learn how to move around (n, e, s, w, u, d, in, out, RECALL)
  4. Have a look at your character (SCORE, INV, EQ, PROFESSIONS)
  5. Train your Stats (TRAIN)
  6. Find a teacher and practice your skills (PRACTICE, PRAC)
  7. Ready your weapons (INV, WEAR)
  8. Hunt some mobs in your Newbie Area (CONSIDER, KILL, FLEE)
  9. Use the new stuff you find during your expeditions (COMPARE, SACRIFICE)
  10. If you're stuck somewhere, ask for help. The best way is to use the GOSSIP channel . Type CHANNELS to view more.