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Various questions and answers for players

Check back every once in a while. New advice will be at the top.

How do I play a yithian?

Check out the Yithian FAQ

Which profession teaches (insert skill here)?

skill profs [skill name]
Use quotes around multiple word skills skill command. i.e. 'hand to hand'

Having multiple characters

Multicharing is NOT allowed. However we dont' expect you to have a perfect idea what character you want to play the minute you walk in the door. Therefore you are allowed as many newbie level characters as you want. (Aka, under level 15) You may have only *one* character over level 15 at any time. No matter how many characters you have, regardless of their levels you are not allowed to help your alternate character with another character you own. This is up to and including: Having them on at the same time, grouped and aiding each other. Sharing equipment or money. Dropping equipment so another character may gain it later. Deleting after dropping equipment so that the next character may gain it, or having another player hold your equipment for you for your 'next character'. That's called *cheating*. If you're smart enough to get online, you're smart enough to realize when you're taking advantage of the system and to know that you shouldn't. If we suspect you of doing so we will come down on you like a ton of bricks. If you are worried that your internet situation will make multicharing a suspision, then write a note or tell an imm upon creation and we will make note of it so you won't be in trouble.

Examples of situations that normally call for this:

Two players, one computer in the house.
Two players on a LAN that prevents us from seeing two computers.

What does a spell require for it's component?

spell [skill name]
Do not use quotes with spell command.

How do I debate?

debate [mob name] [skill name]
Do not use quotes with the debate command.

How to set common things

Title - title [new title]
Bio - bio (takes you to a line editor)
Desc - desc (tales you to a line editor)

How to see affects on your character?


How to see affects on a room you are in?


What is PK like on Cthulhumud?

Some players seem to feel that it was unfair that they could be PK'd, others seem to feel that it is their right to PK anyone for whatever reason amuses them. The reality of Cthulhumud's PK policy is this:

  1. Always have a log running. In a disputed case it is your evidence.

  2. Once you are past level 15 and you do not have the newbie flag as a title on who you are legal to PK. There is no limit on your level vs. the level of your PKer.

  3. PK rate have been traditionally low on CM. This is in part because of the atmosphere of RP that the mud encourages, and partly because the PK level limit is open. If you have a high-up friend you can easily obtain their immediate help. PK should *not* be an immediate solution to a problem. As an interesting side note it should be noted that there is many a skill that allows a low or midbie to easily punish a highbie. You will simply have to find said skills, objects or other tools.

  4. RP is encouraged, but not *required*. You can be killed for OOC reasons. We do not require RP reasons because to be blunt, we as imms cannot enforce it. Not only can we not watch all of your interactions minute by minute, we are also not telepaths, nor are we able to judge fairly what is 'good' RP and what is 'bad' RP. It is not an enforcable rule, therefore it is not applied. But, RP is still encouraged.

  5. We have a stun setting for your offensive capabilities. In other words, PK does *not* have to be lethal. (Yes, you loose experience in a PK death!)

  6. Harrassing PK. We are all here to play a game. It is unfair of a player, or set of players to drive another player off the mud by repeated PKs. This includes informing the player that they will be PKd repeatedly until they delete and make a new character. Players do *not* have this authority. Immortals with the site ban power do. If you hear of, or are subject to this - come to an immortal for mediation between the parties involved. You don't have to like each other - but this mud is not subject to 'turf wars' of this sort. Logs are appropriate to bring with you.

  7. Falsifying harrassing PK. Some ingenous lowbies have discovered that they can attack to kill a high level character and die before the highbie can withdraw from the fight. This has been used to make a false charge against the highbie of harrassing PK. All you will lose is levels - we do keep records of who *initiates* PK.

  8. Our PK rate is also low because if it ever reaches epidimic levels the imms are more than willing to pull the plug on the service. This is a labor of love, it would be good for players not to make the imms no longer love it.

How to find out things about your player...

body - Shows the condition of your body and it's wounds.

exp - Shows your current experience level, your effective one, your talent level (highest level equipment you can wear), as well as your resistances to various fears.

Bugs and traps...

"If it looks too good to be true, it's either a bug or a trap."

If it is a bug - report it immediately, and at least attempt not to use it to your advantage. Doing otherwise risks immortal wrath when we do find out about the bug. If it's a trap - well... you got yourself into the mess, don't expect an imm to get you out of it. Traps are meant to be puzzles for you to solve or avoid.

The room is dark and there's all these glowing red eyes!? What's wrong?!

The room is affected by magical darkness.
Get the spel infravision.

Emotes on gossip:

goss #emote
goss ,customized emote

Etiquette on Cthulhumud...

The best way to succeed is to make friends.

The best way to fail is to make enemies.

Repeatedly deleting trying to get better stats generally makes people not want to help you. (Aside from this - it is literally impossible in the code to obtain perfect scores.)

How do people see when I level?

They see it on the notify channel. type notify