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Cthulhumud Socials list - N

Social commands for use in the game

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S NIBBLE NIBBLE <self> NIBBLE <target>
A Whose ear would you like to nibble upon? You try vainly to nibble on your own ear and hear a loud *CRACK!* in your neck.  Uh-oh... You nibble gently on Jill's ear.
O N/A Jack tries vainly to nibble on his own ear and almost cracks his neck. Jack nibbles gently on Jill's ear.
T   Jack nibbles gently on your ear.


S NOD NOD <self> NOD <target>
A You nod. You nod at the instructions from the voices in your head. You nod at Jill.
O Jack nods. Jack nods silently at the voices in his head. Jack nods at Jill.
T   Jack nods at you.


S NOOGIE NOOGIE <self> NOOGIE <target>
A Whom do you wish to noogie? You noogie your own head and create a static charge!  Cool! You grab Jill, get her in a head-lock, then NOOGIE her!
O N/A Jack noogies his own head and creates a static charge!  Wow! Jack grabs Jill in a head-lock and gives her a NOOGIE!
T   Jack grabs you in a head-lock and gives you a NOOGIE!


S NUDGE NUDGE <self> NUDGE <target>
A Whom would you like to nudge? You try to nudge yourself and end up with a bruise. You nudge Jill.
O N/A @ap tries to nudge @a4self and ends up with a bruise. Jack nudges Jill.
T   Jack nudges you.


S NUZZLE NUZZLE <self> NUZZLE <target>
A Whose neck do you want to nuzzle? You can't nuzzle your own neck, no matter how hard you try. You softly nuzzle Jill's neck.
O N/A N/A Jack softly nuzzles Jill's neck.
T   Jack softly nuzzles your neck.

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